Psychiatric ward for adolescents

The department is co-educational, currently has 18 places to stay, functions in the convention of a therapeutic community and group forms of therapy.

It covers the diagnosis and therapy of adolescents from 13 (completed) to 25 years of age (provided that they continue education), with the following problems:

  • the difficulties of adolescence
  • anxiety disorders and others
  • neurotic disorders
  • behavioral and emotional disorders
  • eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
  • mood disorders (depression)
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • psychosis
  • organic disorders


We do not conduct addiction therapy.

We do not accept patients with a current court order or court order to be admitted to the hospital.

We work in a therapeutic team which includes:

  • specialist psychiatrist and
  • specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry
  • clinical psychologist specialist
  • psychologist and educator during the psychotherapist’s certificate
  • occupational therapist
  • nurses, including those with preparation to work with drug addicts (STU)

We provide a comprehensive psychiatric, psychological and pedagogical diagnosis.

Together, we develop and implement an individual therapy plan tailored to the current needs of the patient.

The Ward’s therapeutic program includes:

  • group therapy and, in justified situations, individual therapy
  • pharmacotherapy
  • individual psychiatric (disease and treatment), psychological and pedagogical education for patients and families
  • family consultations
  • family therapy
  • psychoeducation


Group forms of therapy:

  • group psychotherapy 2x / week
  • psychodrama
  • psychic drawing
  • integration and sports activities
  • educational activities
  • relaxation training


In addition, patients participate in occupational therapy on a daily basis.

People with eating disorders are treated according to individual therapeutic contracts aimed at, among others, on the normalization of eating habits and weight by behavioral and systemic methods

We kindly ask people with eating disorders or their families to contact us in advance for consultation – the number of places for these people is limited.

Patients’ families are involved in the diagnosis and treatment process.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that there is a Hospital School at the lower and upper secondary level at our Department.

  • The patient should be provided with clothes adapted to the season (jacket, shoes), sports clothes and pajamas
  • toiletries and cleaning products
  • replacement footwear


The student is obliged to provide a valid school ID upon admission.

Dear Parent!

In order for your child to receive effective and professional help, prepare for the first meeting – PPP opinions, additional test results, e.g. EEG, CT, MRI or any information cards from previous hospital stays, opinions from the RODK, opinions of the class teacher, etc.

Additional information is available at the branch.

Telephone contact: (0-58) 56-20-600 ext. 2217, 2182, 2267 or 2323

Visits of patients in the hospital are possible after making an appointment with the department!

Visits of patients in the hospital are possible after making an appointment with the department!