Department for the treatment of neurotic and personality disorders No. VI


Contrary to patients with neurotic disorders, patients with specific personality disorders are very often unable to benefit from psychotherapeutic assistance in outpatient conditions or in a day ward. That is why we have created a treatment offer aimed at people diagnosed with personality disorders.

The department is located within the structure of the Hospital for the Nervous and Mentally Ill in Starogard Gd. Ul. Skarszewska 7.

We have 20 places for women and men, in open mode, 24 hours a day. The branch is open 7 days a week.

Admission procedure

People over 18 years of age and having passed their qualifications are admitted to the ward. The purpose of the qualification procedure is to determine whether the treatment plan implemented in the ward enables the applicant to be assisted.

The first stage of qualification is to complete the questionnaire

(the questionnaire is available at the ward, we can send it by post or e-mail).

After returning the completed questionnaire, the date of consultation with the nurse is scheduled by phone, and then with the doctor or psychotherapist from the ward. A week later, another consultation takes place, at which we usually inform about the eligibility decision or share suggestions for further treatment.

For people from distant parts of the country, we also offer a two-week diagnostic stay, instead of the above qualification procedure.

After qualifying, the patient is put on the waiting list.

Patients not eligible for treatment in the department:

– patients diagnosed with schizophrenia,

– patients with antisocial personality disorder,

– with a high risk of using violence, during court cases,

– patients addicted to alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances, when they are unable to maintain abstinence during treatment.


Treatment is based on an agreement with the National Health Fund.

According to the limit of the duration of hospitalization, determined by the National Health Fund, it lasts up to 24 weeks for people diagnosed with personality disorders and up to 12 weeks for people diagnosed with personality disorders. Due to the psychotherapeutic nature of treatment and the time needed to build a therapeutic relationship, we suggest that patients use the maximum reimbursable duration of hospitalization.

The main treatments are:

– Individual psychotherapy in the psychoanalytical and psychodynamic current
– Therapeutic community

Additional methods are:
– Psycho-drawing

– Psychoeducation

Individual psychotherapy used in the ward is based on a relationship. Regularity and the defined duration of the patient’s contact with the same psychotherapist make it possible to establish an alliance in which the patient can recognize and understand the unconscious areas of inner life, influencing self-experiencing and creating relationships with people. As a result, there is a change in the sphere of emotions, thoughts and behavior, which allows access to healthier mechanisms of functioning. As a result, personality development becomes possible, which in personal experience can be experienced as a reduction in suffering and an increase in life satisfaction.

The concept of the therapeutic community creates a space for patient participation, their involvement in work and influence on decisions made in the ward, thus enabling the patient to refer to his own creativity and healthier functioning mechanisms. At the same time, during the meetings, the community has the opportunity to experience and discuss emotions and conflicts experienced by its participants, towards which they themselves are often helpless. This allows you to understand conflicts and stop destructive ways of resolving them. The community teaches you to name and express emotions to other participants, which allows you to build more satisfying relationships with the environment.


Manager :
  • Bartłomiej Gorlewski – a specialist in psychiatry, a psychotherapist during training, an extraordinary member of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
  • Karina Tybusz – psychologist, certified psychotherapist, ordinary member of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
  • Barbara Abrasowicz – psychologist, psychotherapist in the process of obtaining the certificate
  • Danuta Barszcz – psychologist, psychotherapist, extraordinary member of the Polish Society for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
  • Marzena Grubba-Kowalska – a psychotherapist during the training
Ward nurse:
  • Alina Mikulska
  • Wiesława Peplińska
  • Marzena Biernat
  • Małgorzata Hinc
  • Edyta Kriesel
  • Martyna Fojut
  • Mariola Troeder
  • Monika Krajnik
  • Grażyna Guz-Rzeniecka
  • Aneta Czaplewska
Support staff:
  • Marzena Okrój
  • Gabriela Burczyk
  • Sekretarka medyczna:
  • Arleta Chrapkiewicz


Hospital for the Nervous and Mentally Ill in Starogard Gdański

Department of Treatment of Neurotic Disorders

Ul. Skarszewska 7
83-200 Starogard Gdański
Tel. 585620600 ext. 2137
Fax 585623650

Visits of patients in the hospital are possible after making an appointment with the department!

Visits of patients in the hospital are possible after making an appointment with the department!